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Exede Voice: Phone & VOIP Service for $19.99

Exede Voice – Your New Home Phone Solution

Exede Voice is an exciting new home phone service specifically created to work perfectly with your Exede satellite Internet service. This Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system is one that doesn't consume your monthly data allowance, no matter how much you talk. Other VoIP systems eat into your monthly allowance, but the VoIP service made by your satellite Internet provider simply delivers the absolute clearest, best quality Voice service imaginable.

Exede Voice Delivers Crystal Clear Connection

Exede Voice lets you make and receive phone calls in exactly the same way you would if you were using a traditional line. While there is a slight delay because the call is via satellite, you get used to that half- second delay in no time. The connection is crystal clear – easily comparable to landlines - making it unnoticeable that you are using a Voice over IP service. Watch this video to see the quality of an Exede Voice call.

Exede Voice Saves You Money

When you choose Exede Voice, you save money. The monthly cost is 25% - 50% less per month than regular home phone service. If you typically make multiple long distance phone calls each month, you can save even more.

Do the Easy Exede Voice SetUp Yourself

Setting up your Exede Voice system is very easy and takes only moments. Following signup, you will receive a self-install kit in the mail containing 4 items and detailed instructions. No tools are required; you simply have to plug in things to get started. Once you've connected the Exede Voice Adapter to your modem, router and phone, you can activate your service online with your account number, last name and the MAC address on the bottom of your adapter. Check out this video to see exactly how it's done.

Make the switch today to Exede Voice and experience a home phone service that offers you everything you want and need!

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