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Exede Voice: Phone & VOIP Service for $19.99

Exede Voice: Best Affordable VOIP Home Phone Service Provider

Exede Internet, the satellite Internet service powered by the Via-Sat-1 communications satellite, has launched its own cheap, low cost home telephone service, specifically tailored to the Exede satellite network. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services have increased in popularity in recent years, as consumers are turning away from the high cost of home phone service from the big name landline telephone companies. After careful research, development and testing, Exede is offering a VoIP system of its own which was created to work harmoniously with Exede satellite Internet service.

Exede Voice Provides The Best Customized VoIP Service

While there are other VoIP services that you can purchase to use with your Internet service, with most other VOIP and home phone service providers you can only expect varying results depending on the service. For this reason, the research team at Exede decided to create the best VoIP system specifically designed to work with the Exede satellite internet network. The optimization that resulted is what makes the difference when it comes to using the Exede Voice service or another service.

The two-year timeline for readying the VoIP system was intentional. Exede wanted to ensure that the product offered under the well-respected Exede brand would be the very best one possible. Researchers took an entire year developing the best system possible, taking into careful account the unique factors that make up satellite communications. When the product was finalized, it was beta tested with real Exede clients for a year to ensure it delivered the consistent high quality service the company expected of it.

Exede Improves Technical Issues With Internet Phone & VoIP

Many consumers are still unconvinced about VoIP, despite the fact that such services have been available for years. As a part of developing its own affordable VoIP system, Exede decided to offer a plan that fixed all the things many users did not like about VOIP and internet phone systems.

With Exede Voice, users can still access the Internet even while talking on the phone. The use of the system does not count towards monthly data plans from Exede, unlike other VoIP services. In most cases, the user's current phone number can be transferred to the new service, if he doesn't want a new number. Voice clarity when using Exede Voice makes it impossible for others to notice that the phone line is not the traditional type.

The Exede Voice system is very easy to set up. Upon receipt of the voice adapter, simply connect it to both the Exede Internet modem and the router or computer and then connect it to the home phone. Once it is plugged in, the service can be activated online and is ready to be used. The VoIP system works with any type of phone, including cordless home phones.

Why Not Try Exede's VOIP and Home Phone Service?

With this system, users get the advantage of unlimited local and long distance phone calls in both the United States and Canada, as well as low rates on international calling. The most popular telephone features, such as calling waiting, caller ID and voicemail, are also included with Exede Voice service.

Exede Voice uses customized technology to deliver home phone service via satellite Internet connection. Users are sure to find that it meets their home phone needs and more, for a fraction of the price of traditional phone service.

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